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My services as a maritime archaeologist can be hired. I am a young professional with a Master’s degree in Maritime Archaeology from the University of Southampton and currently enrolled as a doctoral student at the University of Kiel in a collaborative project with the University of Southern Denmark and the Viking Ship Museum Roskilde. I have almost 2 years of fieldwork experience in British & Irish developer-funded contract archaeology and almost 1 year of cumulative experience in research excavations and surveys all across Europe, from Iceland to Cyprus.

My skills & specialities :

  • Certified Scientific Diver
  • highly detailed recording, drawing and documentation of shipwrecks, ship-timbers and other maritime objects
  • artistic sketching, both under water and on land
  • total-station survey experience: topographic as well as structural
  • first-aid conservation of waterlogged wood
  • basic knowledge of marine and fluvial geomorphological processes and its impact on wreck-site formation
  • consultancy on medieval shipbuilding and seafaring (e.g. for museums)
  • basic knowledge of QGIS
  • digitally enhanced drawings and recordings, graphics processing etc.
  • publishing at a high academic standard in both English and German
  • professional translation and editing of (maritime) archaeological manuscripts or assistance with publishing internationally etc.
  • terrestrial and underwater fieldwork

Please get in contact, if you are interested to hire me!



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