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Below my past involvement and experience in maritime archaeological projects is listed. My non-maritime terrestrial experience is not listed here.


2002 | An underwater survey of the Schiffsarchäologisches Seminar (= Ship Archaeological Seminar) at the University of Rostock as student participant

2003 | Krogen Project as student participant

2004 | Underwater excavation training with airlift and water-dredge as student participant

2005 | Axemouth underwater excavation as student participant

2005 |  South Cyprus Coastal Underwater Survey as student participant

2006 | Viking Unst project as volunteer

2007 | Beluga-Ship excavation as freelance maritime archaeologist responsible for study and publication

2008 | Volunteer on the Schwedenschanze excavation, recording wooden objects believed to be early medieval oars.

2009 | VASA orlop-deck survey as intern

2010 | HEDVIG SOPHIA excavation as volunteer

2010 | International Workshop on Underwater Archaeology as participant

2010 | Variations in medieval shipbuilding: A case study from Bremen.

2011 | An underwater survey of Flensburg’s medieval sea-barrier as volunteer

2013 | Recording reused ship-timbers from the Schloßstraße excavation in Harburg



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