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List of my conference and workshop participation:

2016 – 10 – 08 – Rostock, Germany

Presentation: “Mittelalterliche Schiffshölzer, Kalfatklammern und Riemen: neue Forschungsergebnisse zu maritim-archäologischen Funden aus Hamburg und Stade” (AKUWA-conference).

2015 – 01 – Kiel, Germany

Colloquium: Outline of my Ph.D. project.

2013 – 05/06 – Avaldsnes, Norway

Presentation: “Interpreting the ‘Beluga Ship’ – A 15th-century shipwreck with Scandinavian features from the Hanseatic City of Bremen” (Conference “Hanseatic Trade in the North Atlantic: New Discoveries from Archaeology and History”).

2012 – 10 – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Poster: “Variations in medieval shipbuilding – A Bremen case study.” (13th International Symposium on Boat and Ship Archaeology).

2012 – 02 – Greifswald, Germany

Winter School „Hansegeschichte als Regionalgeschichte“ (Hanseatic History as Regional History), hosted by the Alfried Krupp Wissenschaftskolleg Greifswald.

2011 – 11 – Helsinki, Finland

The Second Baltic Workshop for PhD Researchers in Maritime Archaeology.

2011 – 10 – Bremen, Germany

Variationen in der mittelalterlichen Schiffbautechnik anhand von Wrackfunden in Bremen. DGAMN-Tagung zum Thema “Holzbau im Mittelalter und der Neuzeit”.

2011 – 05 – Cattolica, Italy

Cogs in the Baltic Sea: A challenging quest for tracing innovation and change in high medieval shipbuilding and navigation on the basis of an ambivalent historical-archaeological record. A Summer School on “Mediterranean and Baltic Sea. A cultural bridge between northern and southern Europe”, organised by the University of Bologna.

2010 – 11 – Bremerhaven, Germany

DOMINIUM MARIS BALTICI- See-Itinerare zur Zeit der nordischen Kreuzzüge aus einer maritim-archäologischen Perspektive. AKUWA conference, organised by the Kommission für Unterwasserarchäologie.

2010 – 10 – Kiel, Germany

Lineare nautische Netzwerke. Der Quellenwert hoch- und spätmittelalterlicher Segelanweisungen. Raumbildung durch Netzwerke, co-organised by the departments of History and Archaeology at the University of Kiel.

2010 – 08/09 – Gdańsk, Poland

Late medieval shipwrecks from Bremen. International Workshop of Underwater Archeology, co-organised by the National Maritime Museum of Poland and the UNESCO committee of Poland. Read more >

2010 – 06 – Stockholm, Sweden

Maritime logistics in the Age of the Northern Crusades. The First Baltic Workshop for PhD Researchers in Maritime Archaeology, organised by MARIS at the Södertörn University.

2010 – 03 – Toronto, Canada

Dynamics for Cultural Change in the Baltic Sea Region in the Age of the Northern Crusades – a maritime archaeological perspective. Gentes trans albiam. International Conference on Landscapes and Societies in Ancient and Medieval Europe East of the Elbe – Interactions between Environmental Settings and Cultural Transformations, co-organised by the History Department at York University in Toronto, the Graduate School ‘Human Developments in Landscapes’ at the University of Kiel and the German Historical Institute in Warsaw.

2009 – 06 – Stiklestad, Norway

Medieval shipwrecks from Bremen – theoretical approaches and working hypotheses applied to a ‘Bremen case study’. X. Nordic TAG conference.

2009 – 02 – Kiel, Germany

Overshadowed by the Bremen Cog? Medieval shipwrecks in Bremen – unearthed and revisited. In Poseidons Reich XIV, co-organised by the German Society for the Promotion of Underwater Archaeology (DEGUWA) and the Department of Archaeology at the University of Kiel.


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