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Thesis case studies


This section allows first glimpses into case studies of my doctoral thesis, some of which have been (and are being) pre-published.

Maritime Logistics in the Age of the Northern Crusades

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Theoretical framework

On shipwreck-typology and the mechanisms of change: Conceptual Evolution in Ancient Shipbuilding

On the usefulness of a historical type-concept for an archaeologically verifiable tradition: The cog delusion

Chapter 3: Danish-Wendish maritime confrontation (1147-1185)

Chapter 4: Maritime Logistics of the Baltic Crusades (1198-1292)

On a Danish itinerary to its Estonian provinces: King Valdemar’s Itinerary

Contextualising shipwrecks: 13th-century grain shipments

The Baltic region on medieval maps: Secrets of the Ebstorf Map

Chapter 5: The Teutonic Order and the Hanseatic League (1226-1466)

Chapter 6: In the rubbles of the Livonian Confederation (1435-1582)

A case study of the Maasilinn wreck: A converted clinker construction in context



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