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A light at the end of the tunnel – finally!


A light: Hopefully not of an oncoming train!

Being somewhat “unstructured” has some advantages when you are in the Humanities: You tend to be more original and uninhibited in the use of thinking tools, and you can connect dots that remain invisible to more structured thinkers. But it comes at a high price, as one could easily end up in the quicksands of time: Digression + perfectionism + procrastination is a deadly combination. Having chosen a very generic theme with case studies spread across four centuries, I inevitably got lost. But when I heard about the possibility to submit my thesis cumulatively, i.e. publication-based, this raised some new hope, as one of my strengths has been my preoccupation with writing articles, mainly for conference proceedings. These have considerably distracted me from my thesis. So I devised a new structure for a framework text, in which I could embed the singular case studies more effectively. Finally, the weird square cap with pompon is coming within tangible reach!

Revised structure >


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